High Tensile Strength Cable Ties Coupled With Durability

Cable ties are extremely useful as they are effective when applied. They are one of the most preferred hardware, as they have good tensile strength and do not break easily. Multipurpose fastening solutions can be used for repairs, manufacturing, maintenance and labelling wires. Even shipping industry uses them to fasten packages. Some of the advantages expected from an array of cable ties are durability, robustness, chemical resistance, superior quality etc. You can buy variety of ties available in different colours, sizes, lengths, and tensile strengths.

A wide of variety of products are available at affordable prices for different uses such as standard nylon ties, metal content ties, fluorescent ties, coloured ties, double loop ties, stainless steel ties, coated stainless ties, hook and loop ties, loop end wire twist ties, push mountable ties, printed ties and many more.


Nylon ties

The normal nylon ties are available in black and can be used as tensioning tools. These ties are durable, affordable and tested before being available. UL approved ties are tested to ensure the industry standards and quality to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The nylon ties are available in different lengths, tensile strength, and diameter ranging from 22mm to 367mm for different purposes. Black ties are very popular for outdoors because they are UV resistant. It means that it can be exposed to environment for a longer period without any degradation in the tensile strength. Fluorescent ties are majorly used in situations where places are dark or cramped and identification becomes difficult. Hence, all ties are unique and used for different objectives.